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About Us

Jacob’s Ladder Outreach or Jacob’s Ladder was founded by volunteers with years of boots on the ground experience. We chose the name Jacob’s Ladder to honor Pastor Jacob Boger, who not only served unhoused individuals, but began to implement his vision of providing a space for them to uplift themselves.  

Our outreach is made of people from all walks of life, but share the common goal to love people experiencing homelessness and support them through their journey. Volunteers address the immediate need of our houseless community members. In addition to providing emergency support to our community members, Jacob’s Ladder Outreach is working to secure permanent supportive housing to individuals ready to take the next step.


Every Wednesday our outreach volunteers provide a warm meal meals, supplies, and a listening ear to those we serve.  We work on building relationships, provide resources and assistance, am;d meeting people where they're at. By becoming familiar with the stories and struggles of our community members, we build the trust they need to make use of life-saving resources available to them. Through these interactions some have found housing, jobs, and accepted treatment for substance use disorder.  It’s a process that takes the hearts and compassion of many to make a difference.


Provide community and progressive support to people experiencing homelessness.


Developing a community with safe shelter for all.

Main Goal

Jacob's Ladder Outreach is in the beginning stages of providing affordable, permanent, supportive housing through a tiny home community. Jacob's Ladder will continue to collaborate with homeless advocates, service providers, and government officials to acquire land, supplies, and support for a permanent tiny house community.

The goal is to build a safe community for chronically houseless and disabled individuals. This village will include a space to encourage community, combat loneliness, and foster . Residents will have access to physical and mental health, case management, and other community resources. Jacob's Ladder wants a city where no one sleeps outside. Please check out initiative to provide affordable housing through Eden Village of Louisville.

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