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Wednesday Night Outreach

Jacob's Ladder provides a warm meal and supplies every Wednesday at 7:00 PM.  We try our best to provide a sit-down meal in order to strengthen community and provide resources along with food and supplies.

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Outreach Volunteers

Volunteers are important to helping our Wednesday night outreach run smoothly. Volunteer duties include the following at your ability and comfort level:

          1. Setup/breakdown table and chairs.                                                   

          2. Setup/put away food and drinks.

          3. Serve food and drinks.

          4. Pass out emergency supplies, snack bags, hygiene, clothing, etc.

          5. Have a conversation.

Food Preparation

We are purposeful about the food we serve during our Wednesday night outreach. Each meal contains a protein, vegetable, side, and dessert. We serve warm meals, keeping in mind that this is sometimes the only well rounded meal these community members may receive that week.

We ask those who volunteer to prepare a meal for the week to be ready to make their meal well rounded and enough to serve 40 people. This can be a daunting task for one person, so consider recruiting family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers, to donate their time to make a meal with you.

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Jacob's Ladder depends on donation of money and supplies to continue to provide support to those we serve. Each new person who joins our mission opens the door to new donors. Please consider doing one of the following:

          1. Choose us for a Facebook Fundraiser.

          2. Share our donation apps and/or amazon wishlist.

          3. Host a supply drive (snacks, blankets, coats, hygiene, sternos, etc.).

          4. Sign up for Kroger Community Rewards.

          5. Ask your employer to support.

          6. Join our fundraising committee.

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